Who needs to change – buyer or seller?

Who has noticed that the sales landscape is changing at an accelerated pace and has no intention of slowing down?

Have any of you figured out what is going on yet?
Is customer loyalty really down?
Are sales cycles either nonexistent or getting even longer?
Are boardroom presentations being tweaked more than ever to ensure the edge?
Have gatekeepers had some form of combat training?
Do contacts suddenly go AWOL ?

And I wonder if you are being told to work harder, make more calls, try different tactical approaches, manipulative tricks and even lower your price to get the business. I wonder if you are curious as to what has hit you in some instances because what worked last year just isn’t working this year.

The problem is not you or the sales cycle – they are just symptoms of the real problem. One of the problems is that the buyer is no longer the buyer of yesterday, no longer the buyer that our traditional sales training was based on, and no longer the buying cycle we are used to.
The salesperson of today needs to do three things:

  • Focus on how to evolve into this person who has relevance and enjoys thinking and communicating as a peer with his customer
  • Focus on how to educate both himself and his customer and position himself as a true person of influence helping make the complex simple
  • Focus on how to execute different, fresh, insightful approaches that allow him to still consciously sell whilst have the customer choose to buy.

The gap between the salesperson who is invited to stay and the salesperson that doesn’t get an invite back is widening on one hand, yet so very narrow on the other hand.

Think laterally. Position exclusively. Sell consciously

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Who needs to change - buyer or seller?

Bernadette McClelland is an expert in sales conversations that drive value and deliver million dollar results. Contact her office now on 1300 935 226 or [email protected]

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