To Influence Someone, You Need To Know What Already Influences Them…

Asking questions for the sake of asking questions is one thing, asking questions to move down a solution based sales track is another, but asking questions to elicit what influences your client is another story altogether.

When you know how to look for and listen for signs, beliefs and language and you can then decode that by understanding what drives their decisions and why they do or don’t do the things they do, when you  learn to trust your gut (or your intuition for us ladies) and sense the underlying need of your customer then you have the beginnings of a long term and sustainable business platform.

Having this skill set connects us at a deeper and broader level than the linear sales approach we have all learnt in the past, one that is typically very robotic and still inherent in nearly 100% of salespeople.

For example, why is it that a sales campaign can go so well and then all of a sudden it just stalls or stops altogether and your contact decides they are going to stay with the status quo. Or flip that scenario – you are the incumbent and you know your client is talking to your competition, how might you influence your client to actually stay with the status quo?

That decision is fundamentally made,  based on what solution meets his needs at a deeper level.  The question you need to be able to answer and leverage is:

“How will my approach, solution and relationship meet the needs he has for certainty or risk, significance, connection, growth or even contribution?”

The answer to that is the level you sell at. Until you can really tap into that level of influencing – you will be simply like every other product focussed salesperson. Don’t Be!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

To Influence Someone, You Need To Know What Already Influences Them...

Bernadette McClelland is an expert in sales conversations that drive value and deliver million dollar results. Contact her office now on 1300 935 226 or [email protected]

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