The Sales Flavoured Hero’s Journey

All of us – whether we are in the top echelon of corporate,  manage a business unit or sell  within a business, all of us, without exception, are on our own Hero’s Journey as we become genuine trusted advisors.

The Hero’s Journey is a  clear structure you would recognise from blockbuster epics that include The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars where the hero leaves their ordinary world, gets called to a new world,  is tested, slays their dragon and returns only to add value and contribute to the lives of others.

  •  Leaving the old world – the world where you know more than the customer!
  •  Ignoring the call – resisting change!
  •  Stepping into the new world – where expectations from customers are different!
  •  Being tested with one challenge after another – new technology, increasing competition, staff retention…
  •  Finding your allies, your enemies, your enemies posing as allies and valuing a mentor!
  • Facing fear of the unknown, what people might think, rejection from others or fear of not being enough.  Expanding who you are  – metaphorically slaying your dragon!
  •  Breaking through your boundary conditions and winning that business, running that campaign, stepping up to the plate , realising you can do it with the right resources and resourcefulness!
  •  Returning to the Ordinary World and contributing your learnings, proud of who you have become, creating a new status quo!
[/list1] Of course, this is a metaphor for all of us, whether it be beginning a business, beginning a new sales campaign,  taking on a promotion,  not settling for mediocrity…

It is a metaphor for personal leadership of the highest order – taking risks, finding a mentor, destroying limiting beliefs, overcoming adversity, contributing  and adding value to others.

Everything a sales leader needs is at their fingertips… Where are you, your team or your business on your Hero’s Journey?

Be Bold and Brilliant!

The Sales Flavoured Hero's Journey

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