Workshops and Tools of the Trade
for Sales Professionals


Sales Psychology is where the rubber hits the road!.

Identifying the psychology around what makes your buyer tick will, without doubt, ensure you develop new opportunities in an ever-changing marketplace.

Learning what makes you tick is the gamechanger you are looking for – the meaning put on money, the need to be liked, limiting beliefs, emotional discipline – nail all of that! and watch your results skyrocket! A great interaction classroom environment.


Selling to Major Accounts or Bigger Companies demands a different salesperson today – someone with business acumen.

Learn what to say in those usually awkward transition periods, the different personality types, the right and wrong questions to ask and the flow of identifying the buyers emotional buying criteria.

This will ensure you eliminate all objections and take full lead in the sales conversation. Businesses are wanting business people who sell! Learn the acumen necessary to meet their needs!


Lead Generation, Getting your Foot in the door.

Not a lot has changed in lead generation today other than a) the methods used – from door knocking at one end of the spectrum to social platforms at the other and b) the amount of knowledge a buyer now has. This workshop covers these and every other method in between, guaranteeing to generate one new lead for every attendee.

Bernadette did more than hand out a workbook and teach, she put people in the hot seat and engaged us all as she stepped through scenarios, ensured we enjoyed the role plays and facilitated through the use of group coaching and discussion. We have recommended Bernadette to the TEC circuit as she delivers brilliantly and practices what she preaches. Our most effective training yet!

Julie Jardine

Managing Director, Thermal Electric Elements Pty Ltd, Coffs Harbour, NSW

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