On-Line, Virtual, Remote

Online, On-Demand, Virtual and Remote are all words that form part of our vernacular today.

As a global community we have discovered we can learn, execute and achieve through a re-imagined learning environment that equates to blended learning. Our online program offerings are the most effective way to operate in a constricted environment and can be successfully facilitated on any platform, mixed and matched with face to face depending on your business model without any inconvenience or loss of productivity.

When incorporated with our Sales Leaders Global Partnership Program, our success continuum really kicks into play and you can’t help but experience our winning formula just as our other clients have shared.

A mantra we have learned is REPETITION + REFINEMENT = REVENUE and we like to provide you the options to seamlessly achieve all three, as well.

Speak to us about one of our programs for your team or business, today.

FOUNDATIONS PROGRAM: The Personal Leadership Academy

This program focusses on the fundamentals, psychology and mindset around Mastering Influence. It will help you:

  • Align your Identity to Your Role
  • Unlock your Sabotaging Sales DNA
  • Communicate with More Confidence 

The results are a team with greater capability to execute on the potential to overachieve.

CORE PROGRAM: The Commercial Conversations Academy

This program provides sales professionals with fresh perspectives, accountability and a dependable skillset to Connect and Convert More Sales. It will help you:

  • Prospect the Modern Way
  • Ask the 6 Key Questions that Get You to YES With Less Stress and More Success 
  • Present, Propose and Demonstrate with Conviction

The results are a consistent and predictable pipeline resulting in more sales with higher margins.

ADVANCED PROGRAM: The Sales Leadership Academy

This program provides sales leaders and aspiring sales managers with the coaching, accountability and toolset to Build a Team of Leaders, Not Just Sellers. It will help you:

  • Become a Super Sales LeaderCoach
  • Align Your Team’s Psychology with Sustainable Business Growth 
  • Create A Sales Smart Culture

By working closely with your leadership team (as our partnership framework demonstrates), we’ll help optimise the sales function of your business so that you can drive consistent pipeline growth that positively impacts revenue, margins and cashflow.

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