Peeling back the layers on the rules of engagement needed by salespeople in the 21st Century

You can orchestrate this and so much more…Through the Industry Resource Model

Why Industry Resource?

An Industry Resource is someone who is viewed as an expert within their field and due to their genuine desire to contribute to a business, they are inherently respected and generate loyalty and the results that matter.

An Industry Resource within a sales team is a hard cash asset for any business, yet the skills necessary to create one are often downplayed, or masked as a soft skill, ‘better left to the HR Department’.

The times are changing though and now is the time for salespeople to be educated in the competencies that will differentiate them – hard skills, soft skills and those ‘just right’ skills.

Whilst many organisations have provided baseline sales education, these learnings can fall victim to commoditization, not unlike their products. Why? Because every salesperson sells the same way. Every salesperson asks the same questions. And every buyer thinks, ‘Here we go again – I just said the same thing to the salesperson who was here before you!’

So, what do those other salespeople do or have, that cause their colleagues to silently wonder, ‘What is he doing that works so well?’
This white paper takes a look at why the sales approach must change today, as well as addresses some key takeaways as to how it can change.

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