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You became one of the highest income-earning salespeople you could possibly be, in just 6 weeks… even if you never before thought it would be possible!




It’s happening on 27th October @ 9:00 am
(Melbourne – AEDT)



The beauty of remote and virtual learning is that you can be anywhere in the world and share ideas with like-minded high performers, just like Joshua!

Joshua Shildroth

Sales Manager, Ontario, Canada

Bernadette McClelland

Authority in Sales Strategy, Leadership and Psychology

Bernadette McClelland has provided this platform to share her extensive insights, experience and learnings from educating businesses around the world, coaching Harvard MBAs on their pilot sales program, mentoring Tony Robbins Master clients as Master Coach for Asia Pacific and being a high performing sales executive and leader in Fortune 500 companies.

Like her clients, you can build your business exponentially and by default, provide yourself a lifestyle by design.

I really loved this program and delving into the emotional discipline within the sales process. This delivery format online worked so well, with self paced videos, worksheets, and the weekly group sessions added a wonderful, personal dynamic.. I look forward to attending further classes or workshops in the future.
Michelle Morgan

Business Development Manager, Saint-Gobain Abrasives Asia Pacific

Thank you for the opportunity to attend your Program.  The content is fresh and provides a great foundation of knowledge to coach.

Clyde Foss

Key Account Manager, Essity, Pharmacy Division

The Psychology of B2B Selling concepts have been shared in person, on stage and remotely to the select members of our Association based here in Portugal. Bernadette always over delivers and I would be honoured to refer the work provided by her and 3 Red Folders Academy to any sales environment.
Nuno Puco

President, AA-ISP Portugal (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals)

I decided to invest in The Psychology of B2B Selling because I wanted to look at sales through a brand-new lens. In my role as an Account Manager, Bernadette’s style of mastermind facilitation helped focus my thoughts on key performance activities and strengthen my belief in myself. Relearning how to enjoy the process of selling and owning my worth now helps me address the elephant in the room with sales situations as well as improve my planning. This program is like nothing I have experienced before – not only does it help with my sales it helps me with me.
Joe Zollo

Account Manager, Tempur Australia

This program has been very different than anything I’ve done before. It has really helped me to understand the sales process from a psychological point of view, allowing me to reflect on myself, embrace who I am, know what I stand for and to really own it! Over the past few weeks I have had greater success in engaging with my customers, in a really genuine, positive way. Thank you so much!
Sarah Hughes

National Sales Manager, Power Parameters Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

As you promised, it was fun! and I did learn new things and look forward to working with you again.

I am going to work on some numbers as goals, and will start with how much new business I need to sell.

I will report in to you by next Friday.

Thank you again.  Best,

Tom Livingstone

Executive Director, Executive Sales Consultants, New York, NYC

Can’t wait to share more this week of the impact this program had for me!!

You are my Oprah, Bernadette!!

If you are humming and hawing about this, get off the fence and bite the bullet and discover what the value of this means to YOU!!

So glad to have participated and be the token “Canadian” in this fantastic group… thank you… thank you … thank you!!

Joshua Schildroth

Sales Manager, Toronto, Ontario, Canada








We would love to have you join us if the following applies to you:

  • If you’re a trainee salesperson, a new hire, a veteran sales professional, a sales leader of a sales team or a CEO responsible for your cashflow and pipeline, this this free training class is for you! We know added sales will drive profits, revenue and lifestyle choices!


  • In this webinar you will learn my 3 step formula that sits at the foundation of becoming a true sales expert. The Sales Asset Model will give you the confidence to make appointments with the right client, understanding what sits at the base of creating a compelling sales conversation, shifting your thoughts about money which we know impacts selling at top margin, reduces discounting and stops awkward conversations.


  • This model will also help you  completely eliminate that nagging question you might have of ‘how can I do better when I’m doing everything I can think of doing today, and my numbers aren’t where they could, or should, be?’   Let me show you how to schedule it all with a doable 3-week executable plan.


  • The world order has changed, buyers are expecting a different approach from sellers today and there has never been a better time for you to expand your learnings,  get into the nitty gritty in becoming a top dollar earner and increase your earning potential!


  • This webinar is for those sales professionals who want to be in that 5% who make things happen instead of those that a year down the track wondered what has happened, when they realise the simplest shifts from within them could have rocked their results. 


  • With the right sales strategies, science and psychology based how to’s in your toolkit, you will be able to sell anything, to anybody in any environment at anytime!


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How to become one of the highest-income earning salespeople you know in just 6 weeks… even if you never before thought it was possible!

We have saved you a seat, see you there! Bernadette.