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And it’s LinkedIn Live Time! – #LiveAtNine

Bernadette McClelland, CEO of 3 Red Folders – Creating Sales Smart Cultures is now on LinkedIn Live and we are happy about that!  

So what? I hear you ask…

If you are someone who wants to know how to create cut-through in these volatile and uncertain times OR if you are a sales leader who wants your sales team to listen and learn so you can discuss fresh new ideas in your sales meeting afterwards, then this is your time.

Every Tuesday morning Bernadette will do one of two things:
1. Address the burning issues for business owners, sales leaders and salespeople around the sales function of their business or
2. Bring in guests from all around the world to join her and provide you with ideas, insights, inspiration and information to help create higher levels of performance in a time of great uncertainty.

Whether it is:

  • A Navy Seal who has demonstrated the ultimate level of commitment
  • An Australia crusader for Mental Health and checking that we are all OK
  • An Elite Basketball Sports Pro who has been in a competitive environment second to none
  • A School Teacher who has crushed it on LinkedIn and shifted the outcome of school assemblies
  • A Survivor of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland and now a leadership crusader…

All these guests and so many more, will add richness to the tapestry that is your business’ sales leadership.

Ask a question in advance of our LinkedIn Lives and join us ‘live’ on Tuesdays at 9am (Melbourne/Sydney), Monday 4pm PST and Monday 7pm EST.

What do I do next?

Follow Bernadette McClelland on LinkedIn.

Make sure you are logged in to LinkedIn at the above times (9am AEST). When you receive the notification or see the link, simply click ‘JOIN’.

Outside of that, head on over to Bernadette’s activity feed on LinkedIn and you will see the link as plain as day. Click ‘JOIN’

See you soon!

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We have saved you a seat, see you there! Bernadette.