It’s Time Sales Became Provocative…

The best thing about a blog is that it is random thoughts captured and shared. The best part about being a trusted advisor is that it is also about thoughts that can be captured and shared, but perhaps not random ones – although in saying that, how cool is it where you do have a relationship that allows you to randomly speak your mind and brainstorm without fear of embarrassment or judgement . Where you can travel down meandering streams , go off track and find your way back again. After all, isn’t that the environment where ideas take shape and change occurs.

Create an innovative environment where this happens and enables your client to share their thoughts and ideas – and in a considered way, challenge them!

How? Challenge their thoughts, not them, by asking meaningful, deeper level questions and don’t be afraid to be provocative with insightful statements. When you do the conversation will enter an entirely different phase and your credibility and sincerity will shine through. Remember the words of George Bernard Shaw: Don’t restrict yourself to seeing things as they are and asking, “why”. Dream instead of things that have not yet been, and ask “why not?” Some of you reading this, whether you are at yellow belt (product focus) or green belt (solution provider) stage, hearing your clients express their concerns or challenges may be a trigger for you to start justifying your product or service because you don’t know where to go or what to say next. Resist it on purpose, be curious and see what nuggets of gold you uncover.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

It's Time Sales Became Provocative...

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