Innovate or Die!

It’s ironic, as the very thing that makes a salesperson great, can eventually become their greatest weakness. There may be times where it may be more beneficial to not just add more strengths, skills and talent but actually lose something in order to rebuild and accelerate results.

A salesperson may be so intent on building rapport that they are missing vital body language signals. Perhaps by losing some of that ‘rah-rah, ha-ya-goin’ approach, they may be able to pick up on cues that could in fact help build even stronger rapport.

They may be extremely strong in account management with existing clients, but may need to let go of some of that significance and control and allow others in to expand the coverage.

Think back to something you may have lost in an area of your life. Your health, finances or even a relationship. In hindsight that loss didn’t just happen to you, the event actually happened for you. It would have allowed you to rebuild. And in business this concept is no different – adding and subtracting allows you to innovate.

Many of us focus so much on constantly wanting more of something yet aren’t prepared to lose anything. In business today we can’t afford to keep wanting more!

Madonna is a classic example. She is a talent that still plays, writes and makes music, yet continually innovates herself through adding and subtracting. Remember her as the material girl, the disco diva, the dominatrix extraordinaire, the movie leading lady, Broadway starlet and even author of childrens books? She is the queen of innovation and is even better at marketing herself.

The measure of a great salesperson is to get themselves out of the way – to keep their approach fresh and not wither away. Do the maths!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Innovate or Die!

Bernadette McClelland is an expert in sales conversations that drive value and deliver million dollar results. Contact her office now on 1300 935 226 or [email protected]

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