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The Way Forward

With entrepreneurial ventures (coaching, contracting, consulting) being the fastest growing industry in the world, it makes sense to learn how to sell to bigger business so that you can make serious money (without the hard sell!) whilst doing what you love to do. 

Entrepreneurship is on the rise, the gig economy is giving way to more consultants and contractors, coaching is becoming the highest growth industry at USD 2.4 billion second only to IT, businesses are increasing their spend on external consultants.

What a perfect time to be across all aspects of your commercial conversations so that you can elevate your level of connections and contacts (aka decision makers) and dramatically improve your level of conversions (aka sales).

We want you to lose your tendency to be confused, or capped or rely on being well connected. We want you to become a commercial powerhouse so you can maintain your lifestyle and continue to make a difference in the world!

Alex Perez, Global Executive Coach ▪️ Facilitator of Change and Transformation

“My experience with Bernadette as a coach was extraordinary.  She is incredibly creative and helped me to change the way I looked at situations helping me retain and progress my role in a volatile market and increase my portfolio. I recommend with no doubt her professional services.”

Anthony English, Business Coach

“What strikes me most about Bernadette is her kindness and empathy. To be able to reach out right to people who are new to selling, or fearful about money, is a special gift. Bernadette also gives practical, specific advice, and uses examples that are relatable and powerful.”

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