Do You Have the Weight of Your Words on Your Shoulder?

Some words are plain heavy and other words are literally light. All words have poundage especially when you become aware that the words you use are what you will, in reality, experience.

Sound a bit ‘out there?’. Not really.

For example, if you were to continually refer to yourself, let’s say for argument’s sake, as desperate – “I’m desperate to get some business”, then you will experience ‘desperate to get business’ – you will actually DO that emotion. It will come with its own kit bag of physiological appearances, tonal distinctions, focus and of course language and meaning.

This also relates to what label you put on yourself because what you label yourself you will experience. Considering salespeople must innovate and market themselves consistently, it begs the question of ‘what label are you marketing?’

If you label yourself as ‘just a salesperson’ then you experience being just that, and whatever is in the kit bag that label comes with? If, however, you label yourself as ‘a trusted advisor’ then you experience that too, with all the trimmings that label brings.

Humour me for a minute…

Stand up and share with someone that you are a salesperson and that what you do is {fill in the blank}…

Now stand up and share with someone that you are a trusted advisor and that what your role entails there is {fill in the blank}…

You may subsititute my words for your words but the bottom line is – you will experience a different emotion with the use of a different word.

Imagine, how by changing certain words in your vocabulary, you might just change a heap of heavy experiences into light ones, disempowering situations to empowering ones and a state of being ‘desperate to get some business’ to ‘grateful for the opportunity to help a business’.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Do You Have the Weight of Your Words on Your Shoulder?

Bernadette McClelland is an expert in sales conversations that drive value and deliver million dollar results. Contact her office now on 1300 935 226 or [email protected]

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