Listen Up! A Surefire Way To Stop a Stall or Objection

Landing in a new country with no job prospects and only $200 and a suitcase, led me to answer an ad in the local newspaper. WANTED: Door to Door Salespeople, selling stationery sets for Multiple Sclerosis, so I decided to ‘give it a go’ and so began my...

Ideas to Help Salespeople Extend Their Reach with Credibility

So, here’s the thing, the magic pill, the yellow brick road you can confidently skip along if you really want to reach more people, stand out and be seen as a giver in a dollars driven world. It’s different, it’s gutsy, it’s bold but it’s brilliant. It’s called...

The Personal Risk I Took That Didn’t Pay Off

I took a risk and it didn’t pay off: I borrowed my dad’s car when I was 15, had one drink and reversed it into a pole the night before he was to sell it. I took a risk and it did pay off: I left a safe government job, familiar surroundings and the comfort of my family...
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