Are you a master or a dabbler?

Does a professional gambler stroll into a casino and put a few silver coins into the pokies, play a little black jack then wander over to the craps table or do they spend time learning the ins and out of their chosen game. Does the black belt judo master try a whole heap of different moves and strokes or does he practice the same key moves over and over until he is a true master?

How well do you know the ins and outs of your customers business, what awareness do you have of the vital few moves and strokes that are necessary to serve your client? What questions are you asking?

The times they are a changing… and as Peter Drucker says – there are two things a business needs to do – innovate and market!  Salespeople, being the mini business units that they are, need to do just that – INNOVATE their thinking and approach and MARKET themselves twice as effectively.

This is not about numbers any more – make your calls longer and deeper.  What one question that if asked, will lead to a thought provoking, information gathering meeting with more depth that will provide awesome ‘think about later’ value for your customer.  The game at this level  is not about quality but quantity – you need to ensure your stickiness inside the account and it takes a new skillset – one of consious decision – to either dabble in this profession of sales or choose to master it.

Even if you are selling commodity items you can still create a new base line of value and communication through your intent to innovate the sales call and market yourself as someone with a servants heart , business mind and conscious spirit.

Commit to changing your thinking and you and your customer will both be winners!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Are you a master or a dabbler?

Bernadette McClelland is an expert in sales conversations that drive value and deliver million dollar results. Contact her office now on 1300 935 226 or [email protected]

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