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We believe every business has the potential to accelerate their performance through their people and their processes. When a business recognises this fact – that people AND processes are the biggest shortcuts to revenue growth, they cannot be anything but more successful. 

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Strategy and critical success factors are needed to drive measurable outcomes. Understanding your numbers, your market, value proposition, and your milestone based sales process is key! We roll our sleeves up with you.

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Science plays a key role in almost everything and the same is true for business. Science based selling includes neuroscience and behavioural economics as to why our buyers buy and why they don’t. This baselines our hard skills training.

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Sales Psychology is all about your behaviour. What are those activities you are not doing that if you did would catapult your leadership success and your sales success. We address these throughout our working together.

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Bernadette McClelland


~ 20 Years in Corporate Sales and Sales Leadership roles selling solutions million dollar solutions

~ Asia Pacific Master and Platinum Coach for Anthony Robbins coaching his business clients on strategy, science and psychology

~ Sales Coach for Harvard Business School for the 2019 MBA Program

~ Author of five sales and leadership books – one being voted Top Book for 2018 through Top Sales World

~ Awarded ‘Top 35 Most Influential Women in Sales Globally’ by SalesHacker

~ Top 50 Conference Speaker for Top Sales World 2019 an 2020

~ Awarded Top 10 Blogger for Top Sales World

~ Mum to two kids (Danielle and Matt) and wife to an amazing husband, Tim 🙂

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