Page 3 – The Current Economy
Page 4 – Trend Number 1 – Delivering Real Value Over and Above Product and Price
Page 5 – Trend Number 2 – Staggering Increase in Competition
Page 6 – Did You Know?
Page 7 – Trend Number 3 – People Still Gravitate Toward Strong Brands and Value As A Measure of Quality
Page 8 – Advantage
Page 9 – Value
Page 10 – Connection
Page 11 – Sales Performance
Page 12 – In Summary
Page 13 – A Word from CEO, Bernadette McClelland
Page 14 – In Closing
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There are many ways of capturing the attention of your prospects in this day and age, however underlying all this white noise is the need to have different conversations – with yourself and with your client. It is the need to stop selling and start connecting with them at a deeper level.

For you to be known as an industry leader you must do more than create desire by educating them on why they need a product or service like yours. You also must build value around your service by offering them a greater experience before the sale.

Re-purchase of your products or services by your existing clients is important, however, just as crucial, is getting new clients. In order to attract your existing and potential clients from staying with the status quo or moving elsewhere, it is important to develop an effective means of communicating with them. More than educating them about your product or service, rather educating them on how they can build their business, too.

Having mentored and trained an extensive amount of ‘business people who sell’ in

over 12 countries in the past past few years and having personally experienced that environment for over two decades in corporate sales environments, we have determined certain factors that differentiate those businesses that become successful, from those who do not perform as well.

Identifying 3 different trends in this guide will help business people who sell to think a little differently about their approach because some businesses, sales teams and individuals may have to rethink their approach to the market completely.

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