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We are a Professional Sales Consultancy that helps SMEs profitably scale their business. Because we use a proven step by step framework, we find our clients connect, convert and close more business, faster!



​Commercial Wellness Framework

As part of our sales consultancy, we provide a Commercial Wellness framework that covers the 5 key areas that will enable you to maximise your sales function and in doing so you will drive rapid business growth. Because we start with a comprehensive review across 7 capabilities of your sales function, it helps us to highlight any gaps in your revenue and profitability performance. Like a doctor diagnosing a patient, we delve further into the data, revenue and learning so that we can provide you with a comprehensive action plan. Once you have this, you’re in a better position to implement your most important changes. We also work alongside you to make sure the key changes are implemented.

3 Red Folders Academy

As part of our sales consultancy, we offer a blended and online Sales and Sales Leadership Academy in order to provide elite training for two types of business:

  1. Those that manufacture, supply and distribute goods who have a handle on the basic sales skills. They are the ones who want to be more high performing by mastering their influencing skills in order to communicate with their buyer more effectively.
  2. Entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and smaller businesses who want to sell to bigger business and corporate organisations in order to amplify their potential and commercial opportunities.

Both have access to best practice and world class sales training in order to drive rapid business growth for themselves and their companies.

Professional Sales Consultancy

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We bring the Strategy, the Science and the Psychology behind Sales Success.
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Sales Strategy and Consulting

Value Propositions

Sales Pipeline

Prospecting Skills

Negotiation Training

Sales Presentations and Proposals

Psychology of B2B Selling

Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Corporate Sales

Mastering Influence

Remote and Virtual Sales Teams

Ever Heard “Sell The Sizzle Not The Steak”? We Recommend You DON’T Sell The Steak – Explore The HUNGER

Bernadette McClelland


For CEOs and Sales Leaders of Businesses that Manufacture, Supply and Distribute goods And who want their team to Master Influence in order to Drive Revenue, Increase Margin and Sell A Difference in a competitive marketplace


For Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Coaches that have a Product, Service or Idea and want to Master Commercial Conversations and sell into Bigger Businesses, faster, earning serious money whilst doing what they love.

From Our Founder

Nobody Cares About Your Product, Truly!

The biggest mistake I see business owners, entrepreneurs, sales leaders and salespeople make is they focus on their product.

Your buyers don’t care about what you sell. There are a million choices they can make over and above your product. You’re not competing against someone who sells the same thing as you.

You’re competing against their time, their lifestyle, their family, their priorities and a whole heap of other stuff going on in their lives and their business.

So really, it doesn’t matter if you are engineering company, a furniture supplier, a chemical supplies distributor, a coach selling training, a trainer selling productivity – you are selling change!

And that takes a special skillset today – more than ever!

In order to progress your company forward, and drive the required sales to enable your business to grow rapidly despite any setbacks which may have occurred during 2020, you must reassess and refresh any strategy you currently have in place.

We can help you implement the right sales foundations and strategies so you can not just get your foot in the door, but turn those doors into dollars!

Do you want to generate revenue in a way that is purpose driven, outcome focussed and values aligned so you can connect, convert and close more business, faster!?

If so, that’s what we do! Call us.

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