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Our impact is the greatest when we work with the following client base:

  • Traditional, non-sexy, blue collar verticals that include engineering, manufacturing and industrial.
  • Our sales teams are what we refer to as ‘full cycle sales professionals’ meaning they own the account from prospecting to keeping in touch.
  • They are growth focussed and prepared to invest in their personal and professional development to win more business and gain greater respect.

If that sounds like your business, or your team and you would like to gain your unfair share of a shrinking market, then let’s have a conversation.


Thank you so much Bernadette. For many of the students, this was one of the highlights of their 1st year MBA experience. We thank you so much for the generosity with your time.

Mark Roberge

Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurial Management Unit, Harvard Business School, Boston

Building a team of Sales Leaders, not just Sellers is the most effective and fastest way to build a high performing, profit generating sales team, whilst reducing top talent turnover, unnecessary expenses and lost opportunities.

Are business opportunities, top talent or revenue leaking from your business?

It’s a dog eat dog world out there and if you, as a sales leader or business owner, want your team to beat the competition, then a couple of things need to change.

Not knowing what those changes are, or how to deal with them (because they will be behavioural and not knowledge based, right?) can have serious consequences for you as the leader (and therefore your stress levels) and also the business by way of:

  • Rising cost of business
  • Loss of market share
  • Lost customers
  • The expense of supporting low performers.

To retain a leading competitive edge and also make sure your prospects and customers get the best possible return on their investment by working with you,  it’s all about leadership; in other words have a Best Practice Sales Team in place ready to hit it out of the ball park.

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A Note from Bernadette

One Word That Could Hold Your Business Back!

It was back in 2014 and I had just begun working with the MD of a small to mid size business. We had spent the day together facilitating a Role Clarity exercise for one of his leadership roles and his sales team. The object was to make sure, moving forward, roles were spelt out clearly so that everyone was on the same page from a results focussed perspective.

When we got to breaking down the numbers and corresponding performance activities, I sensed a shift in his demeanour – he was starting to look uncomfortable.

Not one to be backward in coming forward with my questions, and pleased I picked up on his physiological shift, I asked a simple question…

‘What have you made ‘holding the team accountable‘ mean?’

His response back then, a response that I have seen by too many leaders since, was ‘it is akin to micro-management’.

I then asked him, ‘at what point did you decide micro-management and accountability were the same thing?’

And he responded, that he didn’t know.

What I found fascinating with this experience (and every similar experience since) is that for a business to move forward, then the meaning a leader puts on certain words from their own vocabulary could be the very thing holding the business back – not the salesperson!

Words matter and meanings matter even more.

If you would like some guidance to help build your team and strengthen your coaching skills, please book a slot on my calendar here.

Cheers, Bernadette

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