Driving Revenue
by   Creating

Sales Smart

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Evaluate the team and the leader against 21 sales centric competencies pulling in strategy, pipeline and process and measure against best practice.


Having a strong sales process complete with milestones, outcomes, objectives, target markets, messaging and customer journey identification is key.


A part of creating a sales process and high-performance culture is also about addressing systems, processes and having the right kind of resources.


Accountability, motivation, coaching and recruitment. How does your leadership stack up with The Key 4 because this is one of the biggest choke-holds.


Don’t hire on personality and resumes only to see that perfect candidate not deliver. Screen and assess based on science and a sales centric process.


Coach the weaknesses, continue to develop the skills, nurture the will to sell and embed the learnings by investing in your best assets – your people!


See the gaps close, shorten time to market and measure that in percentage and revenue growth with our 6/12 month ROI checkpoint. 

We have engaged the services of 3 Red Folders for three years in a row now and continue to use them as our national sales performance resource. Historically we have engaged them to facilitate our annual sales conference and provide sales development for the team and have since expanded that engagement to include leadership coaching.

In addition, we are now leveraging their in-field accompaniment with key salespeople, both locally and interstate which has ensured our sales teams are more fully equipped to grow new opportunities and retain existing ones.

Socrates Cromdos

General Manager, Rain Bird Australia

3 Red Folders were engaged to work with our sales and leadership team to improve our approach to the market and help us create a predictable sales process and as a result, we have seen an increase in the successful booking of appointments.

With more targeted messaging and qualification, prospects and customers are wanting to see us more, which has led to the team feeling more confident in leading these conversations. The team also have a new-found appreciation of their numbers due to a structured sales framework, effectively bridging the forecasting gap for our business.

Bruce Weeks

CEO and Owner, Allcon Group P/L


Creating Sales Smart Cultures Will Always Provide A Worthy ROI

AS CEO and found of 3 Red Folders, we are very fortunate to work with some amazing individuals – CEOs, Sales leaders and salespeople. Everyone has the potential to amplify their potential and when a business recognises that people AND process are the biggest shortcuts to revenue growth, then they cannot be anything but even more successful.  

Our vision is for all SME businesses to willingly embrace the psychology, science and strategies necessary for sustainable growth.

Our mission is to help successful businesses become sales smart!

If only 54.6 percent of sales professionals produce enough revenue to meet quota and only 7% are considered Elite…

Then what will give the rest of the population the conviction and confidence to step up, show up and speak up on purpose, so that they own their space and become a force to be reckoned with?

My Executive Coaching and Sales Mentoring will show you how.

We have worked with 3 Red Folders for a number of years now and over that time our sales staff have become more customer-focussed, have been empowered to tackle seemingly complex sales opportunities by understanding how to map a clear process, and we have created a milestone-based sales process from lead generation to closure through a framework of agreement.

Our sales culture has been reinforced through accountability around the quality and quantity of activity, as well as outcomes. Together, we have brought direction, resolve and organisation to our sales management team and we believe our reps have benefitted from 3 Red Folder’s training and coaching and are better salespeople because of it.

Steve Agar

CEO and Owner, Agar Cleaning Solutions

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